IKEA Adds More HomeKit Compatible Light Bulbs to Line

IKEA has expanded its range of HomeKit compatible light bulbs. It was part of an update to its Tradfri smart home line (via HomeKit Hero).

IKEA Unveils New Smart Bulbs

IKEA released a traditional A19/E26 size bulb. It supports three color temperatures and outputs up to 806 lumens of brightness. The bulb costs $15.99. There is also an E12, candelabra size, bulb. It outputs 650 lumens of brightness and supports color and white light. It costs $19.99.

Furthermore, IKEA updated its TRAFRI starter kits. For $69.99 there is a pack made up of a TRADFRI gateway, wireless remote, two E12 bulbs and one of the A19/E26 bulbs. For $79.99 the pack contains two A19/E26 with an increased output of 1000 lumens.

Lighting Panels Come to U.S.

IKEA also released its Floait line light fixtures in the U.S. These come in three different sizes and can be hung on a wall or ceiling. They start at $69.99. IKEA is expected to release its range of smart blinds later as early as next month.

One thought on “IKEA Adds More HomeKit Compatible Light Bulbs to Line

  • Added? I couldn’t get the previous HomeKit compatible lights to work with HomeKit. HUE lights are more expensive, and still need a lot of user interface improvement, but at least they work.

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