Instagram, Facebook Face Outage; Down For Several Users


[UPDATE] 12:30 PM EST: Facebook and Instagram now seem to be running fine on both the app and website. The crash lasted over 2 hours and affected more users than earlier estimated.

Meta-owned platforms, Facebook and Instagram, are currently facing outage and are down in many parts of the world, including India. Several Facebook and Instagram users got logged out of their accounts due to the outage, and now they’re unable to log back in, as per multiple user reports.

Attempts made to access resulted in server errors, while mobile apps across Android and iOS failed to connect. Similarly, Instagram and its X rival Threads couldn’t refresh feeds.

Soon after, YouTube users also begin facing the issue, mainly the YouTube Shorts. YouTube Music is working perfectly for me. Notably, YouTube hasn’t acknowledged this issue yet.

The outage began around 10 am ET, according to, and reportedly affected over 300,000 Facebook users and about 40,000 Instagrammers. Meta spokesperson Andy Stone confirmed that they are “aware” of the issue and are working on this.

We’re aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We are working on this now.

Most importantly, another Meta-owned instant messaging platform, WhatsApp is working fine and isn’t affected by the outage. However, X’s rival Threads and Facebook Messenger are also affected due to this outage. Elon Musk-owned X fired some shots at Meta-owned platforms, saying “We know why you’re all here rn [right now]”

Currently, users need to wait until Meta solves this issue and Instagram and Facebook are back to working again.

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