Intel Says ARM Macs Could Arrive by 2020

Intel officials privately told Axios that ARM Macs could arrive to the market by 2020.

[How Apple Might Approach an ARM-based Mac]

ARM Macs

Apple has shifted to new chip architectures twice now. In 1994 Apple switched from the Motorola 68000 series to PowerPC. Then, in 2005 it moved to x86 Intel processors. When the iPhone was introduced in 2007 it had an Apple-designed ARM chip. Recent iterations of the chip, like the A12X, are powerful enough to edge close to laptops.


ARM Macs have been rumored for years. Intel has been lagging in chip manufacturing, specifically going from a 14 nanometer process to 10 nanometers. Modern Macs already have custom Apple chips, like the T1 and T2 security chips.

Apple could have more control over ARM Macs. Instead of relying on Intel for manufacturing, Apple could better plan out its Mac roadmap for future product development. ARM chips are also power efficient which could help Mac batteries last even longer.

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