iOS 14 May Finally Include Built-in Call Recording

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Built-in call recording may finally be arriving with iOS 14. That’s according to leaks coming out of the jailbreak community.

(Image credIt: GizChina)

iOS 14 Could Finally Include Call Recording

GizChina has offered up screenshots, reportedly of an early build of iOS 14. It shows an Enable Audio Call Recording option that records all incoming and outgoing FaceTime and phone calls. There is also a disclaimer telling users they must inform other parties that the feature has been enabled.

Currently there are a number of third-party apps that do this, but for reasons of privacy and simplicity I think it would be better for such a feature to be built-in to iOS 14. As Macworld rightly noted, the laws around call recording vary wildly across countries and U.S. states. Therefore, it is likely that such a feature would not be enabled everywhere. However, for those that can use it, it would undoubtedly be a welcome addition.

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Absolutely, 100%, no doubt, NEVER gonna happen. I can’t believe digital ink was wasted writing this brief rumor rehash.
Next time, ask any developer (you must know at least one, right?). There are internal features and apps like this for years that never get added to shipping devices.
“Leaks in the jailbreak community…” Pffft!