iPhone 12 Could Get Faster Charging With 20-Watt Charger in Box

iPhone 12 20w charger from leaker

Apple may ship at least some iPhone 12 models my ship with a 20-watt charger. That’s according to new reports from the leaker Mr. White (via MacRumors).

Twenty-Watt Power Adapter for iPhone

The leaker tweeted pictures of what they alleged is a new 20W Power Adapter.

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max came with an 18W adapter in the box, so it could just be that the higher-end of the iPhone 12 range gets the upgraded adapter. I hope though these rumors are true and all models get a more substantial power adapter. Since launching, all iPhones, with the exception of the iPhone 11 Pro/Pro Max, have come with a rather puny 5W charger. An upgrade to faster charging is long overdue.

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Faster charges are that (faster!), but reduce battery life.

Lee Dronick

Hopefully so, I have been using iPad chargers for my iPhone.