The Lightning Square Adapter is Here For Your Business Needs

The Lightning Square adapter is here for all of your card-scanning needs. Square announced yesterday that you won’t need a dongle for your headphone jackless iPhone anymore.

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Lightning Square Adapter

image of lightning square adapter

We want you to be able to run your business however you want — and never miss a sale. Whether you take payments via Square Stand in a restaurant, with a phone and reader in a retail pop-up, or with a computer in a medical office, we want to make sure our tools work seamlessly in your environment.

The Lightning Square adapter only takes card swipes. It has no tech inside to make NFC-based payments like Apple Pay. When you swipe a card to take a payment, you pay a swiped transaction fee of 2.75%, while manually entered transactions have a fee of 3.5% + 15¢. You can buy the new adapter here.

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