Martin Scorsese’s Next Film Could be Coming to Apple TV+

Martin Scorsese waving at Cannes

Martin Scorsese’s next big-budget movie could be heading to Apple TV+ (via Wall Street Journal). Killers of the Flower Moon, based on the book of the same name by journalist David Grann, is set to star Leonardo Di Caprio and Robert Di Niro. It was originally to be made by Paramount Pictures, but spiraling costs have caused the studio concern.

Martin Scorsese waving while in Rome.

Costs Cause Martin Scorsese’s Reps to Talk to Streaming Services

It is understood that as a result of the growing budget, Paramount has allowed Mr. Scorsese’s representatives to speak with other potential partners. One of those is Apple and another is Netflix.

If Apple were to land the film it would be a major moment in its development as a destination for film and television. Mr. Scorsese has though already worked with Netflix on The Irishman. Whoever the Oscar-winning director chooses, it may not mark the end of Paramount’s involvement in Killers of the Flower Moon. One of the streaming services could distribute the film, helping to share some of the costs, alongside an agreement ao show it in some theaters, as was done with The Irishman. 

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