McDonald’s Is Testing Mobile Orders from an App

McDonald's Mobile Ordering on iPhone

Fast food chain McDonalds is testing a fancy new way to order using your smartphone, because, you know, that’s what we’re looking for from McDonald’s. Customers in Monterey and Salinas, California can use the McDonalds mobile app to order food from home and have it ready when they get there. Again, because getting food faster is what people are clamoring for.

Someone holding an iPhone with McDonald's Mobile Ordering app
McDonald’s Mobile Ordering on iPhone

Mobile-First McDonalds

The secret behind McDonald’s experiment is geo-fencing. The company created a virtual geographic boundary around the test restaurants. The system then uses your phone’s GPS data to figure out when your burgers should start cooking. Once you arrive, your food will be waiting for you hot off the grill, and you can pay within the app.

Right now the company is doing a trial run of this technology in California until March 20. People living in Spokane, Washington will be next on the list. Monterey, Salinas and Spokane have a total of 80 McDonalds restaurants between them. This lets the chain test and prepare to roll out the feature nationwide to its 14,000 locations.

McDonald’s Mobile Ordering

The company launched a website dedicated to mobile ordering that explains customers will get curbside delivery of their food. Customers can also bypass any lines by ordering at the store through the app. Lastly, customers can check in at the Drive Thru speaker with their 4-digit code to confirm their order.

McDonald’s Mobile Ordering is being implemented through the McDonald’s app, though it’s currently only available in the above-mentioned markets.

One thought on “McDonald’s Is Testing Mobile Orders from an App

  • Whaaaaaat? LMAO!! Order on smart phone and they will “Have It Ready”? You mean it will there under the heat lamp getting mushy while you come to pick it up?? Isn’t Fast Food supposed to be made fast right then and there hot off the grill? (of course you must specify you want it made fresh or you will get heat lamp stock); but then again if you eat fat food, I mean “fast” food you get what you deserve.

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