The iPad version of Microsoft Office is to get an upgrade. It will enable users to access the new trackpad and mouse features in iPadOS.

Image of iPad Pro 2020 with Magic Keyboard

Update to Office for iPad Coming by Fall

Microsoft is not confirming the imminent arrival of support for mouse and trackpad, which makes use of the new cursor in iPadOS. However, it is understood that the relevant upgrade will come by the fall (via The Verge).

[Craig Federighi Explains How Apple Reinvented The Cursor For The iPad]

Office 365 has moved to become Microsoft 365, and there is a unified Office app for iOS. Despite this, individual iOS versions of Word, Excel Powerpoint and so on are to remain available.

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Charlotte: The absence of trackpad support in MS365 on iPadOS is not absolute. I have been working from my iPad Pro with the Magic Keyboard now for over a couple of weeks, and the trackpad is responsive to many action, including cursor location, text selection (from the onscreen menu once the you place the cursor, and similarly with cutting and pasting. It does not allow for trackpad based only text selection and manipulation without the onscreen menu. In fairness, Apple could stand to improve trackpad support in Pages, but I digress. In any case, it will be good to get… Read more »