New ‘SafeDash’ Feature Aims to Keep DoorDash Drivers Safe

doordash safedash feature

DoorDash is releasing an in-app security toolkit called SafeDash. Powered by ADT, it aims to help drivers feel safe as they make their deliveries.

SafeDash for Drivers

DoorDash rolling SafeDash out to Dashers in Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco, with 100% of Dashers across the U.S. seeing this in their app by the end of the year. The company added two components to SafeDash.

  • Safety Reassurance Call – In the event that a Dasher feels unsafe in a situation, they can quickly and easily connect with an ADT agent through the Dasher app. ADT will call the Dasher and remain on the phone until the Dasher feels safe. If the incident escalates, and the Dasher is unresponsive for a period of time, ADT will contact 911 to request emergency response to the Dasher’s last known location, based on GPS from their smartphone.
  • Emergency Assistance Button – If a Dasher is ever in need of emergency services, they can easily swipe a button within the Dasher app for assistance. ADT will then contact 911 on the Dasher’s behalf, discreetly remaining in contact with the Dasher by text message. ADT will be able to pass along critical information such as their location, which will be shared directly with emergency responders.

DoorDash plans virtual Dasher education resources, direct communications, educational materials, and in-app guidance to help drivers feel comfortable using SafeDash.

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