OpenID Foundation Confirms Successful Sign In With Apple Implementation

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Apple has successfully implemented OpenID Connect with Sign In with Apple, according to the OpenID Foundation. The foundation previously highlighted issues with the implementation to Apple.

OpenID Foundation

On Monday, the OpenID Foundation’s Chairman Nat Sakimura wrote to Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi. In the open letter, Mr. Sakimura said:

We applaud your team’s efforts in quickly addressing the critical security and compatibility gaps identified and successfully implementing them while Sign In with Apple is still in beta. Now users will no longer be limited to where they can use the service and they can have confidence in their security and privacy.

Mr. Skimura said that “Sign In with Apple is now interoperable with widely available OpenID Connect Relying Party software.” However, there are still some outstanding issues. For example, the Foundation would like Apple to provide a discovery document. Mr. Sakimura said that “this would make it easier for existing software to be configured to use Sign In with Apple.”

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