After Losing to Apple, Samsung Demands Yet Another Retrial in Patent Infringement Case

In the famous patent infringement case between Apple and Samsung that has been raging for seven years, Apple finally won. But now Samsung is demanding a retrial and rejects the US$539 million verdict.

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Patent Infringement Case

Image of a courtroom. Samsung demands a retrial in patent infringement case.

In a comment on Reddit, user u/heyyoudvd sums it up:

Allow me to be the first to say “Fuck Samsung”. Seriously, screw them. They are such a weaselly, dishonest company. And if you‘d like to know why I’m using such harsh language, I’ll refer you to this post of mine from when the court case was decided a few weeks ago:

In case anyone is confused about this ordeal, this isn’t a new lawsuit, but rather, a continuation of the same lawsuit that began in 2011. Samsung just keeps challenging it and delaying, which caused it to go on for 7 years.

  1. Originally Apple was awarded $1.05 billion in the 2012 verdict.

  2. Then Samsung managed to bring it down to $930 million.

  3. Then they brought it down to $548 million.

  4. Then, of that amount, Samsung managed to get $399 million vacated, meaning that $149 million would remain, but the other $399 million would be recalculated.

  5. Now this trial was for that recalculation. The result was that $399 million turned into $539 million, meaning the grand total from that original 2011 case sits at $539 million plus $149 million, or $688 million.

  6. Separately, there was another trial a few years back, in which Apple was awarded $120 million from Samsung.

So the grand total here is two separate cases totaling $808 million from Samsung to Apple.

Apple has until June 21 to respond to the motion, and a new hearing has been scheduled for July 26.

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2 thoughts on “After Losing to Apple, Samsung Demands Yet Another Retrial in Patent Infringement Case

  • Andrew:

    The Reddit post does indeed sum it up tidily.

    Samsung appear to be simply following the old adage:

    If at first you don’t succeed, trial and trial again.

  • Not to turn this political.
    I do wonder why the current POTUS goes after Canada, and Mexico and the EU for trivialities. Details that under scrutiny simply don’t hold up. Yet where we have such a blatant example of an abusive foreign corporation stealing from America’s biggest company and then wasting millions of dollars worth of court time, there has been nary a peep out of him. You want to protect American jobs and industry? Start with Samsung.

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