Designers at Apple have created a custom face masks for employees called Apple Face Mask, and sourced a transparent mask from ClearMask  (via Bloomberg).

Apple Custom Face Masks

The custom face masks were developed by the Engineering and Industrial Design teams and distributed to corporate and retail employees. One mask is the Apple Face Mask and it’s comprised of three layers to filter particles inside and out. It can be washed and reused as many as five times. Apple is distributing this model over the next two weeks.

The other one face mask is the ClearMask. It’s an accessible transparent mask designed to show the full face for deaf or hard of hearing employees to read lips. It’s also the first fully transparent mask approved by the FDA.

In April Apple released instructions to build face shields for medical workers battling COVID-19.

This article has been updated with the correction that Apple did not create the ClearMask, it sourced it from the ClearMask company.

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