Signed Apple I Computer on Auction for US$50,000

Apple I motherboard

A fully functional Apple I computer signed by Stevie Wozniak will enter an auction for US$50,000 on December 10.

Apple I Auction

The set also includes:

  • original Apple-1 board
  • original Apple-1 box, signed inside the lid in black felt tip by Steve Wozniak, “Woz”
  • original Apple Cassette Interface (ACI)
  • original Apple-1 Operation Manual
  • original Apple Cassette Interface manual
  • a vintage Apple-1 power supply
  • a vintage Datanetics keyboard in wooden case
  • a vintage 1976 Sanyo monitor
  • a vintage Panasonic cassette player

The auction opens December 10 and ends December 17, with a starting bid of US$50,000.

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