Steve Jobs Would Have Been 65 Today

Steve Jobs, from a Tim Cook tweet

January 24 was Steve Jobs’ birthday. He would have been 65 today.

Tim Cook Remembers Steve Jobs

Remembering his friend and former colleague,  Apple CEO Tim Cook said he was reflecting on Mr. Jobs’ “friendship, passion, and especially the laugher and joy he inspired.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish

Of the many key Stevenote moments that he will be remembered for, perhaps there is none more iconic than than the “one more thing” during which he unveiled the iPod. Everyone has their own personal favorite though. For me it wasn’t actually a Stevenote but his “stay hungry, stay foolish” commencement address at Stanford:

Mr. Jobs was born on February 24, 1955. He passed away on 5 October 2011 after a battle with pancreatic cancer.

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Would have except he DIDN’T LISTEN TO HIS DOCTORS AND DIDN’T TREAT HIS CANCER PROPERLY. Sorry but it is a sore point for me. You get sick, get checked. If they say it’s cancer you do exactly what they say and more. When I was going through treatment, we had a name for those that eschewed regular medicine for “alternative treatments”. Who didn’t join us in the chemo room, who chose marijuana, and meditation, and funny mushrooms, and said that all of the hell we were going through was just big pharma’s way of making money. Those that thought that… Read more »