The iMac and Mac Mini Aren’t as Popular as You Think

Mac mini in glow of display light

The iMac and the Mac Mini aren’t exactly Apple’s top-selling Mac devices, according to one new study. Data from the folks at the Consumer Intelligent Research Partners (CIRIP) shows that these Mac models make up only 5% of Mac sales, and Apple’s MacBook models are much more popular.

As seen below, CIRP’s data shows that in analyzing the Mac computer sales for last year, ending in December 2023, MacBook models made up nearly 90% of purchases. The MacBook Air had a 39% sales rate, and the MacBook Pro had a 51% sales rate. When it comes to Apple’s desktop computers, the iMac has a 4% sales share, the Mac Mini a 1% share, the Mac Studio a 1% share, and the Mac Pro a 3% share.

Despite the Mac Mini having a more affordable starting price of $600, the $1,000 MacBook Air and $1,500 MacBook Pro still rule supreme. Most people might prefer the versatility of a Mac laptop compared to a Mac desktop computer. It isn’t all too surprising, either, as Apple has put a lot of its marketing efforts into MacBook devices, especially on television ads and on social media.

Additional data from CIRP shows that most consumers tend to buy the larger MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models. With 54% of sales leaning toward the 14-inch MacBook Pro, and 46% of sales toward the 16-inch MacBook Pro. As for the MacBook Air, it’s 47% of sales for the 13-inch Model, and 54% of sales for the 15-inch model. Bigger seems to be better in the case of the smaller MacBook Air, and a more compact laptop more better in the case of the larger MacBook Pro.

CIRP also released data on iPhone sales last week. The data showed that iPhone 14 and 14 Plus are the most popular phones with Android switchers.

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