This New Change in Apple Pay Might Make It Work on Androids


Apple Pay and Android, never thought I’d be putting these terms ever together. Apple quietly revealed a big update to Apple Pay at WWDC 2024 that might have flown under the radar amidst the event’s hustle and bustle.

What is it? This update brings Apple Pay to any device with a web browser, including Windows PCs. And perhaps Androids. Do you have a secondary unit?

Users can now pay for goods on any website, regardless of the browser they use. So, whether you’re a die-hard Chrome user on Windows or simply avoid Safari, Apple Pay has you covered.

The process process should be quite easy. When you choose Apple Pay at checkout on a non-Safari browser, a “Scan Code with iPhone” prompt appears on the screen. Simply use your iPhone’s camera to scan the code, just like a QR code, and complete the transaction securely on your trusted device.

I earlier suggested that it could work on Android, too, because if it works on any browser and any operating system, then there’s a good chance it will work on Android as well. However, only time will tell if that’s the case.

This update is a boon for users who aren’t tied to the Apple ecosystem, but the fact that you should own an iPhone means you’re kind of tied to the ecosystem. Earlier this year, a leaked screenshot revealed that Apple Pay might be coming to India later this year with iOS 18.

Although Apple Wallet and Pay didn’t get the spotlight during the WWDC keynote, the company discussed other points, such as the new Siri 2.0, ChatGPT integration, and many other changes.

Users can now redeem rewards through Apple Pay, while a new “Tap to Cash” feature allows easy money exchange by simply holding two iPhones together. Additionally, tickets stored in Apple Wallet now display more details, including stadium information for events, as revealed by iMore.

The iOS 18 developers beta is available for download now, but we recommend against it. The public release is expected later this year, likely alongside the iPhone 16 in September.

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