Tim Cook was the second-highest-paid CEO of an American firm in 2019, according the latest data from the Bloomberg Pay Index. He was surpassed only by Elon Musk.

CEO Tim Cook Opens the 10 Sep 19 iPhone event.

Tim Cook Rises up The Pay Rankings

Mr. Cook rose from fourth to second place in the pay rankings in 2019. He has benefitted from an equity grant he received in 2011. In total, the Apple boss took home a combined package worth $133,727,869.

  • Salary – $3,000,000
  • Bonus – $7, 671,000
  • Stock awards – $122,172,403
  • Perks – $884, 466

Four of the top 10, including Mr. Cook, were tech execs. Mr. Musk, the Tesla and Space X boss, topped the pile for the second year in a row. He was paid $595,266,817, all in option awards. Meanwhile, Alphabet boss Sundar Pinchai was paid $86,162,752, mostly in stock options, with Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella paid $77,289,149, $64 million of which was in stock.

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