WordPress Subscriptions Come to Websites

WordPress is adding a feature that will give websites a new way to earn money: WordPress subscriptions via a feature called Recurring Payments.

WordPress Subscriptions

WordPress subscriptions are an alternative way for websites to make revenue without relying on advertising. Features available with Recurring Payments:

  • Accept ongoing payments from visitors directly on your site.
  • Bill supporters automatically, on a set schedule. Subscribers can cancel anytime from their WordPress.com account.
  • Offer ongoing subscriptions, site memberships, monthly donations, and more, growing your fan base with exclusive content.
  • Integrate your site with Stripe to process payments and collect funds.

In order to set up WordPress subscriptions you’ll have to connect or create a Stripe account, a payment processor that the company is partnering with. Then put a Recurring Payments button somewhere on your website. Customize the details of the subscription and that’s it.

This is a powerful feature for WordPress as it serves over 20 billion web pages each month to over 409 million people.

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