Get Time Machine on Your iPhone With iMazing Mini

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Time Machine on macOS is an amazingly elegant backup solution. When it comes to iPhone backups, there really hasn’t been anything like Time Machine. The team behind iMazing recognized this, and have recently released the public beta of software that brings Time Machine to iOS. iMazing Mini is available for download now, and it’s a free app. With iMazing Mini, you can take “snapshots” of your devices. These are incremental backups that you can roll back to at any time. DigiDNA optimized iMazing Mini to store dozens of backups without crowding your hard drive. You can view your data easily within the full-blown version of iMazing. Probably the best feature, though, is that you can go back in time and restore any specific version of your backup quickly and easily. Of course, it’s also nice that the software is free without any ads or paid cloud storage.

Get Time Machine on Your iPhone With iMazing Mini

Adonit Switch 2-in-1 Stylus and Pen

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Adonit Switch 2-in-1 Stylus & Pen

We have a deal for you on the Adonit Switch 2-in-1 Stylus and Pen. As the name implies, it’s a stylus with a pen on the other end for when you need to go back and forth from paper to your iPad.It’s $19.99 through us, half off retail.