How Can I Share My Location From iOS Maps?

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Share My Location world map

It’s easy to use “Share My Location” in Messages, but there are plenty of times when you might want to send a saved marker straight from Maps. Maybe you’re planning a family vacation and have found a cool point of interest to visit, or perhaps you want to scout out new coffee shops to visit with your friends. Jeff Butts walks you through saving a map location and then sharing it, step by step.

Android Insecurity, Messaging Anachronisms, and Legacy Apple Auctions - ACM 402

· · Apple Context Machine Podcast

Apple Context Machine Logo

Bryan and Jeff try and wrap their heads around a world where malware is being installed on Android devices in the supply chain, before customers even get the devices. They also take a trip into the anachronistic world of sealing wax and sealing wax stamps, as well as the fascinating world where 40 year-old Apple I computers are auctioned for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

iOS Chrome Browser Gets Read Later, Like Safari's Reading List

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Google added Read Later to its iOS Chrome browser, a feature similar to Apple’s Reading List in Safari. As the name suggests, Read Later is a section where you can save articles and websites to read later. When you’re browsing in Chrome, you can tap the three dots icon on the upper right. Tap the share icon, then Read Later. Articles are saved offline, so you can read them wherever you are. So far this feature is only on the mobile version of Chrome, but it’s possible Google will add it to the desktop version in the future. The update is available now as part of Chrome version 57 on the App Store.

iOS Chrome Browser Gets Read Later, Like Safari’s Reading List

Apple Big Security Hire, Twitter and Two-factor Authentication - TMO Daily Observations 2017-03-15

· · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

It’s security time on TMO’s Daily Observations. Kelly Guimont and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about Apple hiring security specialist Jonathan Zdziarski, plus they talk about why two-factor authentication is so important. They also talk about what an awesome asset Tom Negrino has been to the Apple community.

Gekkopod Flexible iPhone, GoPro, and Android Mount

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Gekkopod Flexible iPhone Mount. Also works with GoPro and Android devices

Check out the Gekkopod, a flexible mount and stand for iPhones, Android devices (if that’s your thing), and GoPros. The feet and arms are flexible so they can wrap your device and grab hold of wherever you need to set up your device. Check out the video below to see some of its uses. It’s $19.99 through our deal, with two color options.

Check out the Machine Apple Stores Use to Calibrate iPhone Screens

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Motherboard published a photo of a machine Apple Stores reportedly use to calibrate iPhone screens, Touch ID sensors, and cameras. The photo was sent to Motherboard‘s Jason Koebler after he offered a photo bounty on it. He believes it’s a key part of how Apple maintains a lock on iPhone screen replacement, which is probably true. One can argue whether or not Apple should maintain that lock, but judging from the kludgy look this device has, it may be necessary. The tipster told the site he was a former Apple Genius, and he described the machine as, “not very Apple-like at all.” Check out the full piece for more information and a larger version of the image.

Check out the Machine Apple Stores Use to Calibrate iPhone Screens

Someone Is Slipping Malware Into Android Devices in the Supply Chain

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Android assembly line with a hacker breaking into them

Get this: someone is slipping malware into Android devices while they’re still in the supply chain. Security firm Check Point found evidence that malware, adnets, spyware, and even ransomware was installed on some 36 Android devices before customers touched them. Devices from Samsung, LG, Xiaomi, ZTE, Lenovo, Asus, and Oppo were included in Check Point’s report. Bryan Chaffin explains.

Use the π Symbol on Your iPhone on Pi Day

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Today is Pi Day. While some people might say that Tau is more relevant than Pi, it’s still Pi Day. With that in mind, you may want to wish your friends a happy Pi Day. And while that’s cool, it’s even cooler to wish them a Happy π Day (OK, well, it may or may not be cooler to do this, but it’s definitely geekier!). Unfortunately, we don’t have a π symbol in emoji on iOS. So in order to send that symbol you’ll either have to copy it from the text of this article and paste it in … or you can do what we did in the first place: add the Greek keyboard to your iPhone and type it from there!

Thoughts on the Productivity of Apple Employees

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Apple Campus 1 (AC1)

Recently, Fast Company published an article on “Why Employees At Apple And Google Are More Productive.” It’s probably true. John Martellaro dug into the article and found things to like as well as things to expand on based on his own experiences.

Take Back Control Over Email Notifications on iOS

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Customize your email notifications to take back control of your digital life

If you’re like most of us, you have multiple email accounts set up on your iPhone and iPad. This can mean a flurry of notifications vying for your time, but Jeff Butts is here to show you how you can take control over that. It’s surprisingly easy to configure which email accounts do and do not give you notifications, and Jeff shows you how to set that up.

Apple Just Hired iOS Security Researcher Jonathan Zdziarski

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Jonathan Zdziarski

Apple recently hired a prominent iOS security researcher, Jonathan Zdziarski. Known as NerveGas in the jailbreaking community, Mr. Zdziarski is the author of several books about iPhone forensics and how to secure iOS apps. In light of recent events like the CIA Vault 7 leak, this move may improve Apple’s standing within security and privacy circles.

Waterproof Smartphone Bag With Music Out Jack + Waterproof Headphones

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Waterproof Smartphone Bag With Music Out Jack + Waterproof Headphones

It’s getting warmer in on the top half of the planet, and we have a deal to make your spring and summer music listening a wee bit easier. It’s for a waterproof iPhone bag (or your Android device, if that’s your thing) with both a music-out jack and included waterproof headphones. The bag has a touch-sensitive screen and is waterproof up to 60 feet deep. It’s $28.99 through us, 58% off retail.

Mazda Will Add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Retroactive for Some Models

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Mazda announced Monday that it will (finally) add support for Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto technologies. reported (via AppleInsider) that Mazda was short on specifics, but that support for both platforms will be retroactive with models that have Mazda Connect. That platform first appeared in in the 2014 Mazda3. There’s no specific timeline for the rollout, but Mazda made the announcement as part of the 2017 introduction of the Mazda CX-5 (pictured below). The company did say a “potentially minimal hardware addition” may be necessary, but it didn’t explain what that might be or how much it will cost. also noted that once Mazda is on board, Toyota will be the last major holdout to support these mobile connectivity platforms from Apple and Google.

Mazda Will Add Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Retroactive for Some Models

Apple Says It with Stickers in Real World with App Store Collection and Commercial

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Apple launched a new commercial Monday called Say It with Stickers, a spot that imagines iMessage Stickers in the real world. The piece shows a variety of (mostly young) people running around slapping stickers on their friends, as well as the people and places they see. It’s designed to promote Stickers in iMessage, a feature Apple added to iMessage in IOS 10. It allows users to send Stickers to one another, a feature first made popular in social networking apps like WhatsApp, Line, SnapChat, and others. To go with the commercial, Apple has a collection of Stickers on the App Store also titled “Say It with Stickers.” That collection features more than 40 Sticker apps, some free, but most for a buck or two. It’s a fun commercial, and I heartily applaud Apple promoting Stickers. They’re a great way to express yourself and add an additional layer to simple text chats.