Mixing Realities with Ross Rubin - TMO Show 2024-07-19

Reticle Research Founder and Principal Analyst Ross Rubin joins host Ken Ray to talk augmented reality, virtual reality, and mixed reality from the hardware side. Has Apple Vision Pro been a failure? Has Apple Vision Pro helped the Meta Quest 3? Is there time for another big player to enter the headset space? And what is the end goal for players in mixed reality? Ross lends his insight on this edition of The Mac Observer Show.

Startup Step-by-Step with JOhn Rokos - TMO Show 2024-07-12

JOhn Rokos is the Founder, CEO, and Product Architect at Enemy Tree… and he had an idea for an iPhone case. It doesn’t take a lot to have an idea, but it takes quite a bit to turn that idea into an actual business selling actual things. On this episode he shares with us the time a business didn’t work out, as well as the many people, steps, and tools that helped make OpenCase happen.


Mixing MR Headsets with Robert Hurt - TMO Show 2024-07-05

Robert Hurt is a visualization scientist working at IPAC, a science and data center for astrophysics at the California Institute of Technology. His work has been used by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He also hosted the video podcast “The Hidden Universe” for NASA’s Spitzer Science Center. He’s developed for mixed reality, he’s a fan of mixed reality – and he joins us today to compare and contrast the two biggest AR/VR/MR devices today – Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro.

WWDC 24 Recap with Creative Strategies' Carolina Milanesi - TMO Show 2024-06-28

Carolina Milanesi, analyst and President of Creative Strategies,  joins host Ken Ray to talk A.I., Apple Intelligence, and various WWDC announcements. Topics include:

  • Making the case for A.I.
  • Rating Apple Intelligence
  • Whether Apple is “late” to A.I.
  • Whether Apple Intelligence will spur an iPhone “Supercycle”
  • Other announcements of note from WWDC24

Talking Apple Retail with Michael Steeber - TMO Show 2024-06-21

Michael Steeber, “Tabletops” publisher and developer of the app “Facades,” is probably the person with the most knowledge of Apple Retail today outside of Apple. This week, he joins host Ken Ray to discuss:

  • His history with Apple Retail
  • The short, sad tenure of Apple Retail exec John Browett
  • Apple Vision Pro in Apple Stores
  • Apple Retail – Post-Pandemic and Post-Angela Ahrendts
  • The Apple Store Time Machine
  • The Facades App
  • Favorite Apple Retail Locations

Accessing Accessibility with Shelly Brisbin - TMO Show 2024-06-14

Shelly Brisbin knows a lot about a lot, including accessibility and tech. She’s a producer and reporter at Texas Standard, a contributor to Six Colors, and host of the podcast “Parallel.” Recorded pre-WWDC2024, Shelly joins us to talk about what everyone needs to know about accessibility in tech, her time with Apple Vision Pro, her thoughts on AI and Apple and AI, and the tech she wants more than any other.

And We're Back... The Mac Observer Show Promo

The Mac Observer Show is coming your way! Hosted by Ken Ray, it’s a different thing than we’ve done before. Not day-to-day news this time. The Mac Observer Show looks at a range of topics with a range of guests. Silicon Valley insiders, experts in various parts of Apple’s business, people knowledgable in other parts of tech… We’re talking AI and foldable iPhones and accessibility and Apple Retail and Apple Vision Pro and so much more. 

The Mac Observer Show – every Friday on YouTube, wherever you get podcasts and of course – MacObserver.com. 

Changes for Developer Betas and Indie Podcasts - TMO Daily Observations 2023-03-29

Apple’s making it harder for non-developers to get developer betas of its latest software. TMO writer Nick deCourville joins Ken with the story. Plus – Ken is worried that changes in Apple Podcasts are reducing independent podcast discoverability. He mixes up the terms “network” and “channels,” though the questions are still sound.

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