TMO Daily Observations 2016-09-29: John’s Apple Product Wish List

Word on the street says new Retina MacBook Pro models are coming in October, and TMO’s sources say they’ll be announced on the 11th. Dave Hamilton and John Martellaro join Jeff Gamet to talk about John’s wish list for new Apple products, and Jeff disagrees with John’s take on Apple TV.

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One thought on “TMO Daily Observations 2016-09-29: John’s Apple Product Wish List

  • I have a completely different take on the AppleTV’s design:
    I don’t want to see it at all. All I want visible is my TV, no wires, no boxes, nothing but the TV. I hide all my equipment away in a cabinet with the wires going through a pipe behind the wall up to the wall mounted TV.
    Having the AppleTV be black helps to hide it even more in the dark place in which it resides, and now that I don’t have a cable box I need to point at with the remote, I can keep the door closed all the time since the new one doesn’t depend on IR.

    Do people really show off their TV equipment? I don’t think so. Everyone I know puts it away, and a streaming box is no different to me.

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