Mac Geek Gab Premium

Mac Geek Gab Premium

Greetings, Mac Geek Gab fans! Let’s be up front about this: simply listening to the show, sending in your questions, listening to the stream each week, joining our Forums and being involved in the MGG Family is awesome of you.

We have a stable of great sponsors that help support what we do here, and we certainly appreciate it when you check them out and buy stuff from them when it fits your needs.

And if that’s “all” you can do, well, that’s way more than enough. We appreciate every bit of that and are humbled and honored to put the show together for you every week. We certainly don’t expect anything on top of all that.

But it does take more than that to create the show, and that’s where being one of our Premium listeners can help us immensely. By supporting us directly, you really are the foundation of what keeps MGG going. Yes, our sponsor dollars go the rest of the way towards getting us there, but this show is about you, our listeners, and your support counts the most.

If you’re interested and able, we would love to have you as a Premium supporter at whatever level and frequency works for you. And we’ve got a few extra ways to say thanks on top of, well, simply saying thank you.

Thank you!

-John and Dave