Visualizing Apple Product Release Patterns

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Randy Krum created an infographic to visualize Apple product release patterns since 2007. He updated it for this year.

This year I further broke apart all of the individual product lines so you can see their separate release patterns, or lack of any discernible pattern. Some product lines, like the iPhone Release Pattern (ABOVE), have clearly defined release patterns that can be used to predict future product announcement and releases.

It’s a neat website, and he predicts that the 2019 iPhone will be announced September 10 and released September 20.

22 Years of Apple Website Design History Visualized

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The Version Museum has a visual history of 22 years of Apple website design history, starting in 1994.

Version Museum is devoted to showcasing the visual history of popular websites, games, apps, and operating systems that have shaped our lives.

The biggest change is the evolution of that tab bar at the top of the website, going from light to dark.

This YouTube Channels Has Old WWDC Videos

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This YouTube channels has old WWDC videos from the late 90s and early 2000s. We see Steve Jobs, Phil Schiller, and others that I don’t even recognize. It’s not just keynotes, it includes developer sessions like an Apple hardware roadmap in 1997, Sound and Networking for Games from 2001, and Introduction to QuickTime Streaming in 2004. It’s a fascinating glimpse into Apple history, and I recommend that you find some way to download them all in case they get taken down (that’s legal for me to say right? For educational purposes). Credit goes to u/refine_and_refine for sharing this on the Apple subreddit.

This YouTube Channels Has Old WWDC Videos