What Happens When Apple Locks You Out of the Ecosystem?

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Luke Kurtis shares his story of how Apple disabled his account after he unknowingly bought a fraudulent iTunes gift card. Although he eventually got his account restored, it took two months to get it back.

Had I not taken advantage of my internal Apple contacts, I may not have gotten my account back. I spent a large part of those two months in a kind of grief, mourning not only the loss of a collection of media built up over a decade and a half, but also all the products I owned that no longer functioned as they were supposed to. The company I had given so much money to over the years could revoke my access to everything with just the press of a button.

That’s pretty scary stuff. Now that Apple Card is a product, imagine getting locked out of your account, unable to pay off your Card because there isn’t a way to do it online.

Add Apple ID Funds and get a 10% Bonus

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For a limited time when you add Apple ID funds you can get a 10% bonus. The special offer ends Thursday, December 20.

Some Users Report Their Apple IDs Being Locked

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Apple and privacy

A number of users are reporting that their Apple IDs have been locked on their iOS devices, with the reason for the issue unknown.

Apple Apologizes for Chinese Apple ID Hacks

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Apple has apologized over a string of Chinese Apple ID hacks. Certain Apple customers were victims of a phishing attack.

How to Delete Your Private Data from Apple's Servers

· Melissa Holt · Quick Tip

Reaching for Apple Security

Apple’s got a relatively new way that you can scrub your data from their servers, which includes all of your iTunes purchases, your iCloud info, and so on, and Melissa Holt will show you how.

How to Use Find My iPhone Without Your Trusted Devices

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Learn how to generate an app-specific password

Once you enable two-factor authentication for your Apple ID, you have to have one of your trusted devices to be able to recover the others, right? Yep. Totally. You’ll be lost without them! We kid, we kid. You can actually still log in to Find My [Device] online without using any verification codes, and we’ll tell you how in today’s Quick Tip! Sorry for scaring you like that.

How to Stop Constant iCloud Password Prompts on Older Macs and iPhones

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Image of iCloud icon. U.S. Customs agents could search our iCloud.

If you’ve got an older Mac running Yosemite, say, you may be getting constant prompts to enter your iCloud password. If you know you’re typing it in correctly, what gives?! We’ll tell you one way you might be able to fix this annoying problem in today’s Quick Tip!

You Should Know: An Apple ID Phishing Scam is Going Around

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Apple IDs don’t expire. Even if you forgot your username and password, your Apple ID is still floating around in the ether. Apple doesn’t shut down IDs after a certain period of inactivity.

Four New Things You’ll Learn Today – Mac Geek Gab 651

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Quick Tips about VPN, Sierra’s storage, Universal Clipboard, and Wi-Fi priority are just the start to the show. From there we talk about using Flash on your iPhone or iPad (it’s true!), portable VPN options, accessing a file server with iOS and much more. Download or just press play right here and enjoy. You’ll learn at least four new things, we guarantee it!