iPhone 11 Pro Max on DxOMark Scores Third Place

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The iPhone 11 Pro Max on DxOMark scores third place with an overall score of 117. This is the same score as Samsung’s Note 10 series.

iPhone XS Max DxOMark Score Ranks it Fourth

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The iPhone XS Max DxOMark score causes the iPhone to rank fourth in the list. With a score of 82 it barely edges out the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

Achieving a DxOMark front camera score of 82, the Apple iPhone XS Max puts in a solid performance for both still and moving images during our tests, and is a nice improvement over its predecessor, the iPhone X. For still photos, the device boasts some great strengths for selfie shooters, including excellent HDR, bokeh shots, and detail at close range, which are among the best results we’ve observed for front cameras.

Raised issues include noise, white balance, and skin rendering.

iPhone XR Rated Best Single-Lens Phone

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iPhone XR in black, blue, and silver

The iPhone XR has been rated the smartphone with the best single-lens camera by scientific benchmarking system DxOMark.