Get Automatic Dark Mode With NightOwl

NightOwl is a Mac utility that gives you automatic Dark Mode. Like Night Mode, it automatically turns on Dark Mode either based on sunrise/sunset times, or a schedule that you can pick. It lives in your menu bar so you can access it quickly. I’ve been using it for several days now and I love how handy it is. Hopefully Apple copies it some time in the future, because I’m surprised that Dark Mode isn’t already automatic like Night Mode is. In order to improve the App, NightOwl uses Google Analytics to collect Statistics. The tracked data helps to enhance NightOwl by analyzing how features are used and which bugs appear. They initialize Google Analytics with the setting “anonymizeIp”. This guarantees anonymized data collection by masking the last part of your IP address. You are able to Opt-out of the tracking by unchecking “Send Statistics” in the settings section of NightOwl. NightOwl is free to download, and I encourage people to donate to the developers.