This Power Bank's 65W PD, Multiple Ports & 20,000mAh Battery Capacity Lets You Charge Three Devices Simultaneously: $149.99

We have a deal on the Ultimate Charger, a 20,00mAh portable power bank that lets you charge up to three devices simultaneously, and that includes a MacBook. You can also charge the Ultimate Charger itself via USB-C, in addition to Lightning or micro USB. It also features an aluminum housing. It’s $149.99 through our deal.

Pre-Order ScoutPro Ultimate All-in-One Charger: $99

We have a pre-order deal on the ScoutPro, an all-in-one charger that ships in July. This device features a large 24,000mAh internal battery and it can charge up to five devices simultaneously. It has two USB-C charging ports and a USB-A charging port. It also has magnetic wirelesss charging for iPhone 12 devices and a spot to charge your Apple Watch.  The pre-order deal is $99.

Wireless Portable Battery with Its Own Charging Dock: $49.99

We have a deal on the Naztech 2-in-1 Charging Dock, which is really a 10,000mAh wireless portable battery with its own charging dock that will also hold your iPhone while it’s charging. The battery portion of this device also has USB-C and USB-A charging ports. It’s $49.99 through our deal, but there’s also a deal for two of them for $89.99 on the deal listing.