Ready Apple One – TMO Daily Observations 2020-08-13

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Charlotte Henry and John Martellaro join host Kelly Guimont to discuss news of Apple’s bundled services, and Charlotte starts a rumo(u)r.

Warren Buffet: 'Apple Can Afford to Make a Mistake or Two'

· Andrew Orr · Link

During a talk Thursday at The Gatehouse’s Hands Up for Success luncheon, Warren Buffet commented on Apple’s new services.

I’d love to see them succeed, but that’s a company that can afford a mistake or two. You don’t want to buy stock in the company that has to do everything right…Apple should do some things that don’t work.

A Few Details About Apple Exec Peter Stern

· Andrew Orr · Link

We’ve got a few details about Peter Stern, a former cable TV executive who now leads Apple’s new subscriptions.

Stern will not be able to rest on his laurels. Though some of the services announced Monday are brand new, and some, such as Apple TV+, are months away from even launching, observers are already expecting that Stern will eventually cobble them together into an Amazon Prime-esque bundle.

Apple Services Are All About Privacy

· Andrew Orr · Editorial

Yesterday’s keynote was filled with Apple services and subscriptions, and each speaker noted how each service is Private & Secure™.

Questions for Apple in 2019

· Andrew Orr · Link

Since 2015 Above Avalon has published a list of questions for Apple, across hardware, software, services, and “big picture.” Here are the questions for Apple in 2019.

January is a great time to embrace the unknown rather than come up with Apple predictions for the next 12 months. Accordingly, this is my fifth installment of Apple questions as a new year kicks off.

It’s a big, detailed list and lays out things we wonder and things rumors have suggested.

5 Ways to Improve Apple Services

· Andrew Orr · Link

Michael Grothaus writes about five ways to improve Apple services, a drum that Tim Cook has been beating for the past couple years.

The problem for Apple is that the iPhone is such a large part of its business. If the company is going to continue to grow, what product could step up to take the place of lagging smartphone sales?

I’ll paraphrase Kelly Guimont’s comment on a recent episode of Daily Observations. If Apple truly wanted to be a services company, it should have been improving services all along. Don’t wait until the last minute when the iPhone puts you into panic mode.

Apple Pay. Privacy. iPhone Ads. It's All About the Money

· John Martellaro · Particle Debris

Apple with a big pile of money

John collects the interesting news articles that didn’t make the TMO headlines this week, the technical news debris. This week, the topics are all over the map, but one theme remains. Money. So dig in!

Customizing the Services Menu Helps You Optimize macOS

· Jeff Butts · Quick Tip

A teddy bear with a toolbox, introducing the idea of changing the Services Menu on macOS

Hidden within macOS is an often-ignored item that can really speed things up. In this Quick Tip, Jeff Butts explores the Services menu and how it can help you really optimize macOS.

Apple's Services Business Hits Fortune 100 Level

· Jeff Gamet · News

Apple services businesses reach Fortune 100 level in 2017

Apple is a hardware company, a media company, and now it’s a serious services company, too. Company CEO Tim Cook said the company’s services business is on track to reach the size of a Fortune 100 company in 2017, and the goal is to double the division’s growth over the next four years.