macOS: Getting Rid of the Windows EFI Boot Entry

· Jeff Butts · Quick Tip

Windows on a Mac and the EFI Boot Entry

When you delete a Windows partition, but don’t use Boot Camp Assistant to remove the installation, something pesky gets left behind. In this Quick Tip, Jeff Butts shows how to delete the leftover EFI Boot entry from when you dual-booted between macOS and Windows.

Apple Releases ProRes RAW Beta for Windows

· Andrew Orr · Product News

Image of text saying ProRes

Apple is releasing a beta version of its ProRes RAW codec to Windows today, for Windows 10 64-bit, enabling ProRes video playback.

Dell Mobile Connect App Now Lets You Mirror Your iPhone on Windows

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

Dell updated its Dell Mobile Connect app to enable users to mirror their iPhone on their Windows PC. This means your iPhone’s screen is displayed on the PC, where you can see notifications, drag and drop files, and otherwise control the phone using your PC. Requirements: A Dell laptop from 2018 or later from the Alienware, G Series, Inspiron, Vostro, or XPS line of models.

Dell Mobile Connect App Now Lets You Mirror Your iPhone on Windows

Ten Years of iPad – TMO Daily Observations 2020-02-03

· Kelly Guimont · The Mac Observer's Daily Observations Podcast

TMO Daily Observations Podcast Logo

Andrew Orr and Bryan Chaffin join host Kelly Guimont to discuss a decade of iPad, how it surprised the Windows team, and how it has evolved.

How the Windows Team Was “Blinded” by the iPad

· Andrew Orr · Link

Former Windows chief Steven Sinofsky wrote a blog post about how his team were caught off guard by the iPad.

The success of iPhone (140K apps & 3B downloads announced that day) blinded us at Microsoft as to where Apple was heading. Endless rumors of Apple’s tablet *obviously* meant a pen computer based on Mac. Why not? The industry chased this for 20 years. That was our context.

It’s a good read. Everyone expected Apple to compete with netbooks. They did, but not by creating their own Mac netbook.

Windows Defender ATP Coming to macOS

· Andrew Orr · News

Microsoft announced that Windows Defender ATP—its built-in anti-malware tool—is coming to macOS.

WinRAR Fixes 14-Year-Old Bug

· Andrew Orr · News

WinRAR, a file compression app on Windows, recently patched a bug that was there for fourteen years due to an old DLL library.

Download Windows 95 On Your Mac As An App

· Andrew Orr · Cool Stuff Found

It’s now possible to download Windows 95 on your Mac right now, as an app. You can run it on macOS, Windows, and Linux. Slack developer Felix Rieseberg has created the electron app, and published the source code and app installers on Github. Apps like Wordpad, MS Pain, and Minesweeper all run just fine, like they would on the actual operating system. However, it seems like Internet Explorer can’t load web pages. The app is 129MB and only uses about 200MB of RAM, even if you’re running it with multiple apps and programs running. If you run into problems, you can reset Windows 95 inside the app and start over.

Download Windows 95 On Your Mac As An App

RememBear: TunnelBear Intros New Password Manager

· Jeff Gamet · Cool Stuff Found

TunnelBear is expanding beyond VPN services and into password management with its new RememBear app. The app securely stores passwords, credit cards, and more in an AES256 encrypted database, plus it can generate strong passwords for you. The app is available for macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android with autofill extensions for Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. It’s free for use on one device, or US$36 a year for sycning with multiple devices, cloud backup, and priority support.

RememBear: TunnelBear Intros New Password Manager

Here's How to Get the App Store Back in iTunes

· Jeff Gamet · Quick Tip

Woman happy with iTunes on the Mac

You can get the App Store back in iTunes if that’s something you want, but you need to know where to find the special download on Apple’s website.