Best Apple Vision Pro Travel Cases You Can Buy Right Now

The Best Apple Vision Pro Carrying Cases

The Apple Vision Pro is highly praised for its top-notch build quality, premium feel, and ubercool design. In terms of build, the $3500 Apple’s AR/VR headset features an aluminum frame which gives it a luxurious look and feel. Of course, it’s a great product, but I will not take a chance taking it to places without a carrying case. 

That’s why, here’s a list of the best carrying cases for Apple Vision Pro.

Best Apple Vision Pro Carrying Cases

We’ve compiled a list of the best carrying cases for the Apple Vision Pro, designed to protect your top-dollar AR/VR headset during travel from dust, debris, and potential scratches.

Let’s move ahead.

1. Spigen’s Klasden Pouch for Apple Vision Pro

Spigen’s Klasden Pouch for Apple Vision Pro

Spigen is synonymous with crafting one of the best cases for almost every device. Hence, the first recommendation on the list is Spigen’s Klasden Pouch for the Apple Vision Pro.

Klasden Pouch features a rigid exterior to guard the device and a padded interior with a soft pillowy divider to cushion the headset. It has pockets for your cables, a spot for a battery pack, and a spot for an AirTag. It only comes in one color, Charcoal Gray, and costs $89.99.

2. Apple Vision Pro Travel Case by Apple

Apple Vision Pro Travel Case

You’re probably familiar with those silicone cases Apple makes for iPhones. Well, now Apple has introduced a Travel Case for the Vision Pro. It’s designed to protect the AR/VR headset while you’re on the move. This case is an Apple original accessory for the Apple Vision Pro, and that’s why its price is on the upper side.

It has a cozy handle, making it comfortable to carry around, and comes in a sole gray color. You can get it for $199.

3. Waterfield Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro

Waterfield Shield Case for Apple Vision Pro

Next up on the list is a protective case, handcrafted using materials like ballistic nylon, waxed canvas, and leather. It’s called the Waterfield Shield Case, and it’s specially designed for the Apple Vision Pro. This case is water-resistant and has a main compartment for the Vision Pro, a slot for a battery, and a removable insert for Vision Pro accessories. It has waterproof zippers to keep out the weather, and a soft lining with extra foam to prevent scratches.

One cool thing about it is that you can put it inside other bags. It comes in over five colors, and you can choose to add a strap. Prices start at $159 and can increase based on customization. It’s inarguably one of the best Apple Vision Pro carrying cases. 

4. Western Spices Vision Pro Case

Western Spices Vision Pro Case

The Western Spices Vision Pro Case is a sturdy, hard shell carrying case made to safeguard your Apple Vision Pro VR headset. It’s built with a tough ripstop outer shell and a polycarbonate protective structure. It provides defense against daily wear and tear, and light knocks. 

There are dedicated compartments to house your Apple Vision Pro essentials. It’s up and selling for $279.99.

5. annapro Carrying Case for Apple Vision Pro

annapro carrying case for apple vision pro

It’s a sling-style case made to safeguard and carry the Apple Vision Pro. The outer material is tough plastic for protection and has small compartments to keep things organized. Mainly, its durable build and shoulder strap make it an excellent travel companion for the Apple Vision Pro.

An excellent feature of this case is its compatibility with other popular VR headsets like the Meta Quest 3. It’s priced at $39.99.

6. JSLOOO Carrying Case for Apple Vision Pro

JSLOOO Carrying Case for Apple Vision Pro

This carrying case for the Apple Vision has an EVA shell-made exterior, which means it can protect your Vision Pro from minor shocks, drops, and bumps. Inside, there’s a soft material to keep your headset and other accessories safe.

It’s one of the affordable options at $38.99 and comes in some cool colors, including a transparent one which is a differentiating factor.

7. BnLnHOGVR Carrying Case for Apple Vision Pro

BnLnHOGVR Carrying Case

Despite being a new product, the Apple Vision shares a similar size with other AR/VR headsets on the market. This means you can fit with Vision Pro in other cases, as well. Take the BnLnHOGVR carrying case, for example. While it’s not specifically for the Apple Vision Pro, it simply does the job, and does it at comparatively affordable price.

It only comes in black and looks like a backpack, which is great if you want to carry your AR/VR headset right on your back. It’s made from durable and water-resistant materials. It can pack the battery, charging cable, adapter, and extra cables all at once. It comes at $45.99. 

8. Syntech Hard Carrying Case for Apple Vision Pro

Syntech Hard Carrying Case

It’s a classic budget option for storing most AR/VR headsets like previous example of Meta Quest 3 and of course, the Apple Vision Pro. The benefit is that it has plenty of space to fit most Apple Vision Pro accessories.

The exterior EVA is shell-made and comes oval. You can choose from classic colors like Black and Grey, with different size options available. The large size, which I suggest, is priced at $37.99. Meanwhile, you can check other sizes, too, whichever suits the purpose.

9. VORI Case for Apple Vision Pro

VORI Case for Vision Pro

You might wonder why it’s included in the list of best carrying cases, despite not being mainly designed for Apple Vision Pro. Well, the answer is its affordable price and high user ratings. The exterior portion is tough to protect against small knocks, and the interior is soft and plush. Notably, it can house up to 7 accessories at once and comes at $26.99.

10. Aubika Carrying Case

Aubika Carrying Case

The final recommendation is an Aubika carrying case which is, again, compatible with other AR/VR headsets. Its case is PU material and is completely waterproof, according to the brand. It can resist shocks and dust. And if you prefer a more classic look, it’s available in Black too. The price is $29.99.

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