.Mac Bookmark Sync Deadline Extended to July 6

Apple has extended the deadline for .Mac subscribers to synchronize their Bookmarks to July 6, giving users a few extra days to make sure they donit lose any Web page links they marked with the .Mac Bookmarks feature. Apple will be disabling .Mac Bookmarks as part of the transition into the new MobileMe service.

Once MobileMe launches, subscribers will still be able to synchronize bookmarks between devices, but they wonit be able to use the .Mac Bookmarks feature thatis been part of .Mac for some time.

.Mac subscribers that arenit familiar with the .Mac Bookmarks feature, or arenit sure if they have synchronized their bookmarks if they are using the feature, can read Appleis support article that explains how to sync bookmarks with the Safari Web browser. TMO also has a Quick Tip explaining how to make sure your iCal and Address Book data is properly synced ahead of the MobileMe transition.