60 Minutes Visits Apple’s Secret Design Lab Sunday

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Jony Ive shows Charlie Rose Apple’s design lab

Charlie Rose from CBS's 60 Minutes got a tour of the lab where Jony Ive designs Apple's new products, and it's airing this Sunday, December 20th, at 7:30PM eastern time. It's a safe bet we won't be getting a sneak peak at future iPhones or the next Apple Watch, but we will get a unique look inside one of the most secretive areas at Apple's headquarters.

60 Minutes also toured other parts of Apple's campus, and got a sneak peak at the "store of the future" with retail vice president Angela Ahrendts.

The show shared a couple photos on Twitter teasing Mr. Ive's lab and Ms. Ahrendts' Apple Store prototype. Be sure to set your DVR to record the show if you won't be around, and if you don't have TV access ask your friends to set theirs.

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Scott B in DC

If you set your DVR be careful because if the football games go over their time slot it will shift 60 Minutes later!

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