Apple Offers New iPod mini Arm Bands

Apple Computer introduced Wednesday five new arm bands for its iPod mini family. The company added orange, yellow, blue, pink, and grey iPod mini Arm Bands to the Apple Store at the same time it dropped the price of the 4 gigabyte iPod mini and added a 6GB unit to the product line.

The Arm Band allows the iPod mini to be worn on the arm, and is intended for those who wish to use the unit on the go.

"Take your iPod mini with you hiking, jogging or running errands," the company said on its Web site. "This lightweight Arm Band, available in mix-and-match colors, lets you adjust volume, play songs and select playlists on the go."

Appleis new iPod mini Arm Band

The iPod mini Arm Band joins the iPod Camera Connector, also announced today, in a quietly growing Apple-branded iPod accessories product line. Apple introduced its first iPod accessory, iPod Socks, in October of 2004.

The Arm Band is priced at US$29 as an Apple Store exclusive. You can find more information on the product at Appleis iPod Accessories Web page.