Behold AOL's Newest CD, The One With The Jaguar Fur? (With Pics)

[Updated: Several Observers have said that these CDs are not new, but this is the first time that we have seen them. They are also currently all over the New England area in stores, and other kiosk displays. Thanks to those who have written in, or responded in the comments below. - Editor]

We all know that Appleis marking muscle spends a lot of time and money putting together their corporate branding messages. And we all know that they work. While itis not news that other companies will copy bits and pieces of Appleis messages from time-to-time -- cough cough, Dodge Different, cough cough -- a recent trip to the grocery store revealed something that was a bit surprising. Take a gander at AOLis latest checkout-stand shwag, especially the seemingly out-of-place fur textures on both the packaging and the CD itself.

What makes this even more interesting is the fact that this CD comes with AOL for Windows 7.0, and AOL for Mac 5.0. The latter is a Classic-only application that wonit work in Appleis Jaguar except in Classic mode. AOL just released a version of its software that does work in Mac OS X, labeled AOL for Mac OS X 10x (incorrectly identified earlier as version 7.0 - thanks to Observer Harry for correcting us. - Editor). That version was released after this CD was pressed, but it makes one wonder at the timing involved.