Dr. Mac Direct Brings Mac Support To Your Desktop

TMOis own Bob "Dr. Mac" LeVitus announced the launch of Dr. Mac Direct on Monday. The service offers Mac users direct, expert Macintosh help via phone or through your browser. Dr. Mac Directis staff was hand-chosen by both Mr. LeVitus and Ted Landau, the founder of MacFixIt. Dr. Mac Direct is also offering online interactive training, assistance with system migration, Macintosh buying advice, and more.

"Doctor Mac Direct provides Mac tech support, troubleshooting and training with high-level expertise and efficiency never experienced before, all due to our experts and unique technology," said Bob LeVitus in a statement. "We have a crew of the most technically savvy experts ever assembled, consisting of industry veterans, hand-selected by Ted Landau and myself. Our unique web-enabled remote control technology makes servicing a call very efficient and eliminates frustration for the person requesting help. Iim pleased to open the doors of Doctor Mac Direct for imouse callsi like youive never experienced before!"

Doctor Mac Directis experts use an "incident-appropriate combination of telephone, e-mail and a unique web-enabled control software system to communicate with Macintosh users based on their needs and connectivity situation."

Users with broadband can install a Safari plug-in that allows Dr. Mac Directis experts see and control their desktop. The system works similarly to Netopiais Timbuktu product, and offers users the opportunity of having direct, personal help on their desktops from anywhere in the country (with broadband).

You can find more information on the service by visiting Dr. Mac Direct, or by calling 1.877.376.8848 (1.877.DrMac4U), a toll-free phone call.