Drag and Drop Documents Revisited

In music, variations on a theme bring out nuances and different perspectives in a melody. In tips, they show you even more ways to take advantage of clever time-saving techniques.

In a recent Quick Tip I showed how to make a new email message with an attachment in Appleis Mail application by dragging a file onto Mailis icon. Afterwards, TMO reader Michael Osadciw emailed me to point out that you can do the same thing by dragging the icon from a document title bar onto the Mail icon.

Drag the icon from a document title bar...

Michaelis pointer is spot-on, but the trick works with other applications as well. In fact, dragging the icon from a document title bar works with most any application - as long as the receiving app recognizes the file format.

...onto an application icon...

I sometimes use this technique when I am working on Web page layouts in Taco HTML Edit and want to see what they look like in a specific browser. I simply drag the documentis icon onto the icon for the Web browser I want to use to view the document, and it opens instantly.

...to automatically open the document in a new application.
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