Jaguar: Mac OS X 10.What?

During our coverage of Appleis World Wide Developer Conference, we referred to Jaguar as Mac OS X 10.2. In Appleis literature, it was being called just "Jaguar," or, to quote from Appleis press release, "the next major version of Mac® OS X, code-named iJaguar.i" After several reports from TMO, in which we referred to Jaguar as "Mac OS X 10.2," we received a note from one of our sources within Apple chiding us for doing so.

Apple never once used the moniker "10.2" to refer to Jaguar during the entire event, according to our unofficial note, which leaves the official name of Jaguar as just "Jaguar." After some checking about, it turns out that our source is also quite correct, and we apologize for any confusion our name dropping may have caused. Jaguar is set to be released at the end of this summer.