Leopard: The Return of the Usable Dock

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Apple giveth, and Apple taketh away... and sometimes Apple giveth back again. In this case, Apple took away some Dock functionality when it replaced pop-up menus with Stacks. Mac OS X 10.5.2 brings Tiger-style functionality back to the Dock, and itis super easy to enable.

Take your Dock folder view from this...

Hereis how:

  • Click and hold on the Dock folder icon that you want to change from Leopardis Stacks-style Grid or Fan to Tigeris List-style view.

  • List brings back Tiger-style pop-up menus.
  • Choose List from the pop-up menu.

...to this.

I prefer using the List view for the folders in my Dock because accessing sub-folders and files is much easier since each parent item includes a fly-out menu to show everything it contains. Thatis a real time saver for me.

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