Mac Rumor Site Seeks Dismissal of Apple Lawsuit

Mac rumor site Think Secret filed a special motion Friday to have the lawsuit brought against it by Apple dismissed on First Amendment grounds.

"The motion to dismiss the complaint was filed in California Superior Court, Santa Clara County under the California Anti-SLAPP Statute, a law designed to stem meritless lawsuits that attempt to chill valid constitutional exercises of freedom of speech," a press release posted to Think Secret said.

Think Secret maintains that it employs proper and legal news gathering techniques and that the site did not sell nor pay individuals under contract with Apple to disclose any information.

Coming to the defense of Think Secret were Profess Thomas Goldstein and Dan Gillmor, two prominent former journalists who filed declarations in support of the site and its operations.

Apple filed suit against the dePlume Organization, Think Secretis parent company, on January 4, 2005. The company is being represented by Terry Gross of Gross & Belsky, who agreed to take the case pro bono.