Mail: Sending Messages to Groups

Appleis Mail application is tightly integrated with Address Book, which means there are plenty of ways to make the two applications work together. The two work together so well that you can drag contacts from Address Book into the recipient fields in a new email message instead of typing names -- and this trick works with Address Book groups, too.

To send an email message to a group, do this:

  • Create a new message in Mail.
  • Drag the group you want to send the message to from Address Book into the To field in your new message.

  • Drag a contact or group from Address Book to Mailis To field to add recipients.
  • Continue creating your message like you normally would.

Simple, and straight forward. The problem is that everyone you send the message to will see all of the email addresses in the group. If you donit want those addresses appearing for everyone, Mail includes a preference for hiding each one from the other recipients. Hereis how:

  • While in Mail, choose Mail > Preferences.

  • Use Mailis prefs to hide individual recipients.
  • Click the Composing tab.
  • Uncheck When sending to a group, show all member addresses.

Mail can hide individual message recipients from each other.

Now any time you send an email to a group, each recipient will see only their own email address.

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