Remember That iMac Copy? Apple Settles With iMac Clone Maker Future Power (With Pic)

ZDNet is reporting that Apple has settled with Future Power and their parent company Daewoo for a two and half year trade dress lawsuit. Future Power was the first PC company to attempt to bring an iMac rip-off Windows machine to market. Dubbed the E-Power, the model was a direct copy of the iMac and was introduced in July of 1999. Apple sued the company with a trade dress lawsuit shortly thereafter. An injunction against Future Power was granted to Apple in November of 1999 that prohibited Future Power and Daewoo from marketing the machine. Future Power demanded a retraction from Apple concerning Appleis press release about the injunction, but that never amounted to anything. The lawsuit has been pending until now.

Blueberry iMac
"Sapphire" E-Power

According to the ZDNet report:

Under the terms of the settlement, a November 1999 preliminary injunction against Future will remain in force until Feb. 1, 2004, preventing the company from selling its E-Power "monocomputer" with a 15-inch CRT screen.

However, the settlement will let Future Power produce and sell another all-in-one unit with a 17-inch screen. In its press release noting the settlement, Future Power included detailed specifications for the new computer, called the AIO, although it didnit specify when it would be available.

There is more information in the ZDNet report that we didnit quote, and we recommend that you check it out.