Reports Indicating OS X To Lack CD-RW Support

Two separate reports have appeared on the Web today stating that users anxious to get Mac OS X and get to work might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Apple announced earlier this month that OS X would not ship with DVD support on its initial March 24th release, but users could expect that feature to be added in an update that would follow shortly after the OS X launch.

Now it appears that OS X will not support the CD-RW drives built into the latest PowerMac G4 Cubes and towers. Both Macworld UK and C|Net are reporting that CD-RW support will indeed be missing from the version of OS X that will be released on Saturday. According to C|Net:

The next-generation Mac OS X, which will be available at retail stores and Web sites Saturday, will not support CD-rewritable, DVD or DVD-recording drives, though the company will try to incorporate such functions in later versions. Sources have previously said the new OS will not permit DVD playback or recording, but its inability to record CDs was not clear until now.

Even if Apple delivers an accompanying version of its iTunes digital music software, as is expected, Mac owners will not be able to burn CDs using it, according to sources who have tried the new operating system. Apple had indicated that a downloadable version of iTunes would add CD-rewritable abilities, but one developer who asked not to be identified said: "The software hooks for the hardware simply are not there."

This is surprising news considering Appleis latest CD-RW push. The new iTunes "Concert" commercial is based entirely on the CD-RW ability of iTunes and the new Macs. If the reports are true, and CD-RW support is not included in OS X 10.0, expect to see this great commercial disappear just as quickly as it appeared.

All things OS X should be crystalized a bit later today during Appleis official OS X press event. Stay tuned for details.