Tattoo You: HP Offers Printable iPod Tattoos (W/Pics)

A s part of todayis rollout of "Apple iPod from HP," HP also introduced an iPod add-on called HP Tattoo, a printable sticker for your iPod. The Tattoos are available for customers who purchase an Apple iPod from HP from "select" Circuit City and CompUSA locations, or directly from

HP describes the Tattoos as follows:

The ultra-thin HP Printable Tattoos are easy to apply and remove from the playeris exterior. They are durable and water-resistant, which helps protect the iPod from scratches and scuffs as music lovers carry it around. HP is working with industry recording studios to offer consumers access to the latest album art from the newest releases.

Sources briefed by HP tell The Mac Observer that the Tattoos stick to the iPod via a non-stick adhesive.

The company has posted a Tattoo Gallery at the HP Digital Music site that features album art from Sting, Ashlee Simpson, The Who, The Cure, Keane, Gwen Stefani, Lloyd Banks, The Hives, and Vanessa Carelton.

From HPis Tattoo Gallery:

A Tattoo from The Cureis album "The Cure."

A full Tattoo of The Whois "Then and Now,"
including the part that wraps around the back of an iPod

The front of The Whois Tattoo

You can find the full HP Tattoo gallery at HPis Digital Music Web site, which requires Flash to get the full demonstration of the stickers.