The Mac Observer Welcomes iBrotha

We are proud to announce that Rodney O. Lain has chosen The Mac Observer to be the new home of his popular column iBrotha. iBrotha is Rodneyis sometimes irreverent look at Apple, the Mac industry, and Mac users. During its stay at MacAddict, iBrotha won legions of fans and we welcome those readers to The Mac Observer fold. Rodney has been writing for the Mac Observer for many months, including Rodneyis Soapbox, and we are proud that Rodney chose us to be the new home for iBrotha. Todayis iBrotha column looks at the state of printed manuals in the computer industry, and is accompanied by an interview with Mac author Gene Steinberg.

We will be hosting the iBrotha archives in the next few weeks as well, and will make an announcement once they are up. Make sure you send Rodney a note welcoming the iBrotha to The Mac Observer!

Bryan Chaffin
The Mac Observer