Watch Out, It's MACWORLD Week!

In case you bought your computer yesterday, or perhaps have been vacationing somewhere underneath a very large rock, you know that MACWORLD Expo is happening this week in New York! Itis another week of raised and dashed hopes, the end of speculation following what seems like months of rampant bull hockey being thrown around the Mac Web like so much electronic... Well, you get the picture.

Apple will be announcing the 3rd quarter results on Tuesday, after the closing bell on Wall Street. Steve Jobs will be offering another grand keynote on Wednesday, and on Thirsday, several tragically white Mac geeks will be playing in the Mac All-Star Band. What more could you ask for? Thatis right, nothing!

So kick back and enjoy. The Mac Observer will reporting live from the floor of the show after it opens on Wednesday, and will offer our usual live coverage of the keynote itself. Hold on to your hats, because this is going to be a very interesting week!