AAPL Leaps $16.42 in After Hours Trading to $261

| Apple Stock Watch

Shares in Apple leapt 6.71% in after hours trading to trade at $261.01 per share, an increase of $16.42 (+6.71%). The jump followed Apple’s earnings report for the March quarter, where the company reported yet-another record non-holiday quarter (see our full coverage for more information on Apple’s earnings).

That represents a record-high for the stock, though after-hours trading isn’t usually included when looking at record prices for stocks.

The stock had closed slightly lower in regular trading, but jumped after Apple released its earnings report.

*In the interest of full disclosure, the author holds a small share in AAPL stock that was not an influence in the creation of this article.  

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Constable Odo

Famous last words from Palm’s CEO…
“We’ve learned and struggled for a few years here figuring out how to make a decent phone,” Ed Colligan apparently laughed about with John Markoff last Thursday morning. “PC guys are not going to just figure this out. They’re not going to just walk in.”

Bless you, Steve Jobs, for not listening to fools, pundits and analysts who know absolutely nothing about running a company or following a vision.

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