ABC Interviews Tim Cook on NSA Surveillance Friday Night

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ABC will be airing an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook Friday night. The subject of the interview is NSA surveillance and Tim Cook's stated position that the U.S. needs to be and should be more transparent about its surveillance activities.

TechCrunch spotted the teaser video posted by ABC, and in that teaser Mr. Cook once again states that the U.S. government has no access to Apple's servers. In a quote that I personally love, he said, "They would have to cart us out in a box for that."

The teaser text in full:

ABC's David Muir: “What is your biggest concern — with the surveillance program here in this country?”

Tim Cook: "I've been pushing very, very hard to open the books and be totally transparent. Much of what has been said isn’t true; there is no back door. The government doesn’t have access to our servers. They would have to cart us out in a box for that. And that just will not happen. We feel that — strongly about it. But I do want to be transparent, because I think transparency would help put everything in perspective."

DM: "Do you think Americans, Tim, would be more at ease if you could tell them more?"

TC: "I do."

I've noted several times that Tim Cook is one of the most deliberate and precise speakers in the ranks of technology executives. When he is interviewed, he speaks with measured certainty, saying exactly and only what he wants to say.

In this brief teaser, however, Mr. Cook borders on sounding passionate, and that is really saying something when it comes to Tim Cook. Hopefully pressure from Mr. Cook and other tech giant CEOs will help push the U.S. to providing the kind of transparency they are asking for.

Here's the teaser clip:

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I’m not surprised the man has passion. How could anyone survive at Apple without passion.
I like the dude and Jon as well. Have offered my training services for speaking with foot in mouth, but no takers yet.

Bin listening to your and Jeff’s latest pod castes. Helps take my mind of useless choirs I have to do. Really, an unstained rug is not a treasure without memories.


Comments like these about the NSA surveillance aren’t really great.

Sure, people might settle for more transparency, but what they really want is for it to stop, because it violates their privacy, nevermind that it does nothing to help in actually finding terrorists [given that it hasn’t in the more than 10 years they have been doing it].


For some reason, I couldn’t get either of the ABC videos to play, neither the ones embedded here, nor on the ABC web site.


It should be remembered that Obama needs to find out who his enemies are and then deal with them.  We must wipe out all Dissent to Obama and the work that he is trying to accomplish..


pajohns, I hope your faith proves true. I worry that the guy and all with heart that follow him are too scared of corporate guns, & I don’t mean that figuratively.


mhikl..  I don’t think that Obama is as concerned about Apple as Cook is on board with whatever Obama needs.  Obama should be concerned about his political enemies.  After all, a man like obama should be allowed to put those crazy tea party people in jail.. don’t you think?


I am not an American so it’s not my call, but —
It mayn’t be political party powers, but rather the corporate, ideological and unknown & uncontrollable political powers that are the true movers and threat to a more liberal minded president. For some of the other types, democracy works as long as they are in power but not when the other side is. Last time two brothers wanted to move the world . . .
that’s my thinking for any big change to ever be possible. If I were Mr Obama or any good president with big ideas, I’d have that big worry ‘that corporate wasn’t happy’, full time. And the Prez has a young family, too.

Jail for the politically nuts? I wouldn’t wish that on the most dastardly of pot smokers, or even father rapists ensconced in jail with just one political nut. Zoo jailed next to the monkeys, now that’s where the politically nutty should cool off and learn some manners. grin
namaste & care,

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