Acer Founder: Microsoft Has No Real Intention to Make Tablets

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Remember kids, if you don’t want something to be true, all you have to do is pretend. This appears to be the life-lesson taken to heart by Acer founder Stan Shih, who said this week that Microsoft has no real intention to sell Microsoft-branded tablets, even though Microsoft held an extravagant media event on Monday to introduce such tablets to the world.

Stan Shih

Acer Founder Stan Shih
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DigiTimes reported that Mr. Shih posited that Microsoft is merely trying to help expand demand for Windows 8-powered tablets, and that once it has done so by investing untold millions into manufacturing those tablets, it will simply allow them to wither away like a Karl Marx-inspired prop.

He further argued that Microsoft makes more money from licensing its operating systems to manufacturers than it would off of making the hardware itself, and Big Redmond therefore has no reason to do so. He didn’t, however, address the reality that when it comes to the mobile computing world, Microsoft isn’t making much of any profits from licensing Windows Phone 7 because the devices made by its licensees don’t sell.

Lastly, he said that the confusing world of manufacturing and distributing hardware is too confusing for Microsoft to bother with, even though the company manages to do just that with its Xbox line.

In other words, when faced with the reality that his company will soon be competing with Microsoft in the tablet space, Mr. Shih chose to invent an elaborate world where Microsoft is just doing a head fake to goose the market for Windows 8 tablets so that Acer and other licensees can then take over and reap the benefits.

Other prescient theories espoused by Mr. Shih include the prediction that the iPad would merely be a flash in the pan, and that tablets and even MacBook Airs (and Wintel ultrabooks) would go the way of the dodo.

Mr. Shih is not alone at Acer in offering such comments. Acer Chairman J.T. Wang said in December that Apple’s strength in the PC market with the Mac would soon end. Apple has had 24 quarters in row of outgrowing the PC market, a trend that has continued since Mr. Wang made his prediction.

We should note that CNet, Fox News, and other media outlets reported verbiage written by DigiTimes as quotes from Mr. Shih himself, even though DigiTimes published the information as paraphrases, not quotes. Part of that can be attributed to DigiTimes’s English-as-a-second-language nature and the newspaper’s custom of indenting every other paragraph in their articles (in a three paragraph article, that indented paragraph can look like a quote), but the article did not otherwise indicate that it was publishing actual quotes.

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“I reject your reality and substitute my own”

Adam Savage, MythBusters


Acer… rings a bell.  Didn’t the create a knockoff of the Macbook Air?  Didn’t it cost the same money as the Air for less performance? 

Wait, and he thinks Apple is going to die off?



No, Bryan, this is all part of a cunning plan.

By announcing that MS are not really making a tablet, Apple will relax, get sloppy, and complacent, and then - the death blow - MS comes out with a tablet, with better specs and priced to match (sort of). The people will be relieved and overjoyed. They’ll flock and purchase and delight in Win8. Apple will go belly-up as iPad sales sink through the floor - and then - Acer can amble on and sell more netbook PCs to Apple’s now vacant and homeless market.

Brilliant, I tell you!

Steve Chavez

Until Microsoft actually releases something that I can charge on my credit card, it’s all a lie.  Steve Ballmer is still lost in a world where computing was for hobbyists.  Microsoft is still living in denial that they are the ones who dictate where software technology is today.  They’ve lost so much focus that they have no idea who it is they are competing with anymore, and what it is that they actually need to do to compete.  As much as I love to bash the folks in Redmond, I also have the early days of MS Word for Mac to think about.  I liked the products from that company.  I wish that they understood WHY they were good.  The file format thing happened, and I think executives decided that it should be a long term strategy.  Steve Balmer is like Apple’s John Scully…  Even worse…  he doesn’t seem to promote the kind of confidence that is needed for the company that he leads.  Bill can still do things to promote the cure of disease while leading the company he founded.  I could have said cofounded…  but I’ll leave that topic for others…  He should just go out and do it.  You have one lifetime…  Take a deep breath and ask yourself “do you have something to add to this????”  I think his execution is incomplete.  He’s competed with some amazing people, and he can provide something beyond monetary…  we can pass laws to distribute funds, but we have to see what leadership decides.  Balmer is a spirited guy.  But that dude is just painful to watch.  Before the iPad was released he thought it was a good idea to pull something called a Slate out of his ass.  I’ve never seen this product.  The iPad didn’t just come out last week.  The dude is lost in the woods.  You use Vaporware to buy time and limit the adoption of your competitors products.  Ballmer KNOWS he’s getting fired…  and he’s collecting paychecks to supplement his golden parachute.  Not everybody gets to lead the most powerful software company in the world.  This idiot is pissing it away and has no clue about the possibilities…  about the pull and influence he could have if he had a simple fucking clue.  It’s so depressing to see…  I wouldn’t put that dude in charge of counting forks.  The only reason he’s running a gigantic software company is because he knew certain people at the right time in the right place.  I’ve never seen a better example of a complete a total moron.  He has redefined the word and deserves a place as an example.  I could get an incompetent drugged hooker to run that company better…  I trust hookers far more than I’d ever trust Steve Ballmer…  but that’s because I would understand where to keep my wallet and how to keep everything on the level.  When you have a strategy that is about nothing more than buying time, it’s time for you to go…  When that strategy has been going on for years…  you’ll get this post.  This is a waste of every bodies time… Why are we still here???  I don’t understand…  that is…  unless you are “okay” with destroying everything that Microsoft has ever meant at all to any human being.  This is worse than killing a company…  This is taking them to a place where they should have never existed…  I don’t agree with that.  I hope to see something else in the next few months.  If not, then maybe there are those of us who have a reason to get interested.  I know I’m not alone, and this is all part of the fun.  (apologies in advance for the raw insanity and unrestrained arrogance…)


?I reject your reality and substitute my own?

Adam Savage, MythBusters

“Failure is always an option”

Adam Savage


Im pretty sure adam savage didnt coin either of those phrases

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